Caring for your Camping Pod

black friarsTo ensure your Camping Pod not only stays looking good, but to protect from moisture penetration we

recommend you regularly treat the external skin of the camping pod (especially the roof), with a product

such as Black Friars wood preserver (Dark brown). Splits and cracks should be filled with an appropriate

product prior to staining.

NB prior to delivery or collection, your pod will repel water. However it is your responsibility to maintain

this. Timescale for maintenance depends on location and rain fall.

Two coats annually is recommended (when dry) the first 6 months after delivery (Apply to the point of

saturation) and check the pod repels water after each coat. If not repeat the process.

Please note wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. These properties

can include colour differences, warping, twisting, shakes, splits, knots, knot holes and varying surface

finishes and are part of the natural properties of this type of material. These properties are normal for

timber, and are allowed for in the integrity of our designs, and cannot be guaranteed against. These

properties do not constitute a defect as they occur naturally. Sometimes deep and wide shakes and cracks

can appear unsightly but we have calculated for these in our designs.